Biomass Products

Wood Pellets

Product Wood Pellets (made from 100% sawdust)
Raw MaterialMixed Tropical Hardwood
Size 8mm
PackingJumbo Bag (800kg )
20kg Bag
(Ship in 40 footer HQ container)


sawdust pellets for burning. Low ash content and high calorific value.

Sawdust pellets which is suitable for burning at homes or industrial use.

Its ash content is very low and calorific value is about 4200 Kcal/kg.

Wood Chips

Wood Chip As Cheapest Biomass Fuel

Wood chips is one kind of cheapest Bio-Energy or Bio-Fuel which producing by using wood slab cutting into smaller size to meet the industry boiler or power plant’s needs. Currently, the whole world are facing economic crisis and most of the biomass fuel user is seeking an alternative fuel which can meet their costing and budget, thus, we are starting to produce wood chips to meet buyer’s demand. Compare to wood pellet, wood chips are more easy to produce with large capacity and the cost is cheaper compare to wood pellet, in the same time given the competitive calories value.

We are welcome any biomass fuel user to contact us for any possibility can done with wood chips.

Wood Sawdust

Sawdust – Derived from 100% Sustainable Tropical Wood


Place of Origin:  Selangor, Malaysia

Packaging & Delivery into trailer or bulk into trailer

Moisture: +/-40%