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Our company was established at the end of 2010, we have a truck fleet and 50 iron buckets to provide construction, industrial, renovation waste handling services and transportation, factory handling services. Started its green energy business in 2013 with a range of sawdust, scrap wood processed chips, and more. We are one of the major suppliers and collectors in Klang Valley. Mainly in the industrial sector as biomass fuels such as glove lines, power plants, mud brick factory, etc., also supplied to wood pellet production line as raw material..

With the rapid growth of global demand for woodfuel, the Company further expanded and established a subsidiary in 2016 . Golden Paddy Trading Sdn Bhd This company and its Chinese partner develop green energy technology and provide sales of equipment and equipment accessories as well as biological The business of fuel trading will be planned to become a major supplier of biomass fuels and equipment in Southeast Asia.

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